Wir schließen am Sonntag, 15.11.2020
Wir schließen am Sonntag, 15.11.2020

EMMA Amsterdam T-Shirt Dark Gray SURF

Fragen? Schreib uns!

• S U R F • stands for taking life and ourselves not too seriously and trusting the process.


This shirt has a relaxed fit and the collar and sleeves are frayed. There is a white/black EMMA eagle embroidery on the left sleeve. 


Material: 50% Recycled Cotton, 50% Polyester
Color: Dark-Gray
Fit: Relaxed


On the pictures, Bart (186 cm) wears size small (S).


Higher Purpose: 

We are on a mission towards an overall sustainable textile industry. EMMA Amsterdam is our community’s brand and with our project EMMA Hand in Hand we are proactively creating a platform with all players involved to speed up collaboration and co-creation. If you are interested, in the whole story, visit us on our website of EMMA Amsterdam and soon on EMMA Hand in Hand as well as on our Instagram accounts. 


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Wir wünschen viel Spaß damit! #nowyouknowme